Lovelybooks Win – Audio Books by Frieda Runge

So today I got something fun for you and unfortunately, it’s something probably only German speaking people will understand.

I entered a contest on Lovelybooks to win two audio books by Frieda Runge. They are called Die ehrlose Wildbacherin (The Dishonorable Wildbacherin) and Föhn über Brauneck (Foehn Wind over Brauneck). To enter I had to write a short story with a similar sound to it than the descriptions of the audio books. The short story should also be written in our local dialect.

Here’s my short story:

Es woa an an Nochmittog um hoib drei, do is da Hias, da Bua vom Metzga, wieda spechtln gonga. Wia imma is a ummi zua Magdalena, da Pfoarraskechin. De Kich vom Pfoarra is untn im Kella und hod a recht praktisch’s Fensta bei dem da Hias von da Strossn oba eini schaun ko. Wiara do an dem Dog so schaut (und niagnds die Magdalena siagt), haut eam auf oamoi wea oadntlich ane aufn Hintan. Da Hias draht si um und so schnö ko a goaned schaun, hod a an Opfikuchn im Gsicht pickn. Wia a si den Kuchn ausm Gsicht wischt, siagt a die Magdalena vua eam steh. De schaut fuxdeifiswüd aus. Grod wia da Hias weglaufn wü fliagt a auf die Pappn. Die Magdalena hod eam s’Haxl glegt. Wia a zum rean ofonga wü, fongt die Magdalena o zum lochn und sogt: “Schea di zum Deifi Hias. Wennst mi wiaklich gean host, donn bringst ma des nexte Moi a poa Wiascht und kimmst bei da Eingongstia eina!” Draht si um. Und geht.

And today I got the message that I really won both audio books. I heard that they should be real fun to listen to. 🙂

Milford sweepstake – another win

I’m so very sorry, but there’s so much going on right now, I barely got time to breathe. Still, I got some posts for you in the pipeline ’cause things have been happening in the world of giveaways, sweepstakes, movies AND I’m even trying to finish a book right now, so you might get a book review soon.

Now back to today’s topic. A few days ago, I entered a Milford sweepstake, forgot about it and found a little package at my doorstep today. In it, there was a package of tea that I chose in case I won, a pen, post its and four cute magnets.


Salzburger Landwirtschaft – I won a book


I recently won a cook book in a sweepstake and this is it:


Neue Cuisine was written by Kurt Gutenbrunner, who was born in Austria and moved to the United States. There, he became a famous chef. He wrote a cook book in English called Neue Cuisine: The Elegant Tastes of Vienna and it became a hit. Now, it was translated into German and there it is, lying on my table – isn’t it funny?!

In the cook book, there are many classical Austrian recipes like “Wiener Schnitzel” but also others I haven’t heard of before, using typical Austrian ingredients. Neue Cuisine sure looks interesting!

Many thanks to Salzburger Landwirtschaft!