Are you an open-minded person? If you are, this blog might be worth checking out! As you’ve probably already guessed, All That Magic is an English-language blog for people who love reading as much as I do. In addition to book reviews, I sometimes write about my culinary and creative adventures. I hope to make your stay as comfortable as possible, so if you have any questions, don’t be shy, just ask. I’m happy to help.

Who am I? I’m an Austrian student of English and history, currently writing my thesis. Other than English and history, I love reading (why else would I write a book blog?), watching movies, being creative, different cultures and all kinds of weird food.

From time to time my lovely friend, Miss Treegarden, will share her thoughts here on All That Magic. She loves books, movies, food and traveling as much as I do.

You might be asking yourself, “Why is all this in English, when you’re a native speaker of German and some of the content you’re talking about is German?” Well, I think most Austrians and Germans are able to read English and this could be an opportunity for them to train their skills. Also, there are a lot of people living in these countries who don’t understand German, so they might profit from information in English. And of course, I study English and love this language :D

And now go on and enjoy All That Magic!

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  1. Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    Your blog is lovely! I think I’m going to love so many of your posts!

    Are you from Germany?

    Why do you love English and history? What is your favourite historical period?


    1. Hi 🙂
      I’m glad you like our blog.
      We are from Austria 🙂
      Hmmm why do I love English and history. I can only answer this question for myself. Miss Treegarden might have her own reasons. 🙂 My love for English probably started when I was a baby. I went to visit my Canadian grandparents when I was only one year old. I always imagine that my first stay in Canada was what kindled my love for everything English. From this point onwards English just never left my life. We have an English-language radio station that my dad always listened to when I was a kid. And some day, I started reading books in English and never stopped. When it became possible to watch DVDs in English, I did that too. And one day, I decided to study English.
      With history it’s a little different. I don’t really know what started it, but I know that my mom always took us to museums and let us watch documentaries on TV, so I was exposed to culture at a very early age. At some point in my teens, I became interested in Empress Elisabeth of Austria and started reading lots of books about her. This is when I noticed that biographies are very interesting books :). When I had read enough about Elisabeth, I started reading about other people living in the 19th century. This continued until thought, “Why not study history?”. (Well and I probably not only read books, I also went to museums, watched movies and documentaries, you get the gist. 🙂 ) As you have probably noticed, my favorite historical period is the 19th century 🙂


      1. I see… So I guess your interest in English and History was sparked from what you’ve been doing since you were young:) very interesting! And thanks for the in-depth introduction 🙂


  2. Why do I love English? Well, what isn’t there to love? Speaking English makes me happy, probably due to the intonation, rise and fall, fall and rise,… It just sounds so much lovelier than monotonous German, I guess. The love for the language comes from within, it’s always been there; I didn’t have to work hard to make it happen. In parts, my interest in history is similar. I focused on the 20th century the past few years and specialised in the field of women’s and gender studies. This is why I am currently working on my master thesis which stretches from the women’s liberation movement to modern feminist thought since 1968 to the present. The idea is to link new social movements with second wave feminism and intertwine theory with current debates about feminist politics. It is a fairly challenging topic and it takes me quite some time to organise individual concepts and put them together into one great whole. But since book shops seem to be bursting with new publications dealing with issues of feminism and gender, I guess, I shouldn’t have to worry about finding answers to my questions.


    1. Thanks for the in-depth self-intro!

      English is indeed a very beautiful and complex language! I’ve always wanted to learn German but I heard it’s quite difficult?

      Wow, your thesis sounds complex but very interesting 🙂 I think that’s the fun of doing a thesis? To crystallise complex issues 🙂


  3. I believe that when you really want to achieve something and put a lot of effort into it, you will most likely reach your goal one day. It would be idealistic to claim that everything’s possible, because it simply isn’t. But if you try really hard, I guess you will be able to manage. And it’s the same with learning languages. So if you really want to learn German, I bet you’ll be able to do it 🙂

    And the same goes for writing a thesis. I am a very lucky girl, since I get to do what I really like: writing. Of course, it’s not fun all day, but yes, it’s great to write every day and get a few steps closer to my goal; even though it is complex and sometimes makes my brain feel explode into a luminous sphere 😉 So why not give it a try?


    1. You’re welcome Hollie! I’ll go check out your post right now. I’m curious what your answers are 🙂
      That’s sweet of you that you would have nominated us again. I have no idea if that would have worked out 😀


      1. Cool, thanks for playing. 🙂 I know what you mean, it’s fun as a one-off but not if it becomes a regular thing. I liked the questions so I thought I’d answer.


  4. Schicker Header 🙂 Alles wirkt sehr harmonisch und kuschelig. Mit dem Englisch bin ich nicht ganz glückich, aber ich kann deine Argumentation verstehen.

    Was liebst du an der englischen Sprache?


    1. Danke 🙂
      Wieso bist du mit dem Englisch nicht ganz glücklich?
      Hmm was liebe ich an der englischen Sprache? Mal abgesehen vom Klang und der Harmonie bzw. den Kulturen die ich damit assoziiere, gibt es da noch Menschen die ich liebe die ich immer mit der englischen Sprache in Verbindung bringen werde. 🙂


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