We’d love to welcome readers from all over the world, no matter if English is your native, or a foreign language. As we know from personal experience, it can get pretty hard to understand a foreign language when a lot of “fancy” vocabulary, is used. That is why we try to avoid that on All That Magic. There are, however, a few words that we need to make our texts work. So we thought we’d collect them in a little dictionary for you to look up when you need them.

This is work in progress! You can also help by contacting us, if there is a word that we use very often that you would like us to explain in our dictionary. Just use the contact form at the bottom. Thank you!

  • main character – The main character is the person in a novel, play, movie, etc. is often very important and in many cases, the reader/viewer feels for them the most.
  • plot – This is the main story of a novel, play, movie, etc.
  • setting – When we talk about setting, we talk about everything that has to do with where (planets, countries, weather, but also ’what does a room look like?’) and when (what time period, e.g. 19th century, Iron Age,…) a novel, play, movie, etc. takes place.
  • synopsis – When talking about books, it is a short text that will tell you what the book is about without giving away too much information about the plot.

2 thoughts on “Dictionary

  1. Die Idee eines Wörterbuches ist großartig! Ich denke, man kann noch Protagonist/Antagonist, Nebencharakter und Schreibstil aufnehmen.

    Was mir aufgefallen ist. Bei allen Punkten, bis auf den ersten, hast du bei der folgenden Aufzählung ein ‘a’: a novel, play, movie, Es ist ne Kleinigkeit, aber Einheitlichkeit ist das I-Tüpfelchen xD


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