Happy World Book Day 2018

Hello there!

Happy World Book Day everyone! Yes, it’s me and yes, I’m still alive and breathing.
Those who have been following me for a while now will also know that World Book Day usually also means that it’s Blogiversary time and that is why I couldn’t keep silent much longer 😉 It’s our fifth Blogiversary this month and even though there won’t be a huge celebration, I wanted to write a little update.

Some of you might have noticed that little notification on the right where it says that I’m working on my thesis and that there will be fewer blog posts these days; Well, that’s absolutely true! When I’m not working on my thesis, I’m trying to relax while sewing, doing jigsaw puzzles, visiting the local zoo or reading just for pure pleasure! I hope you can forgive me if writing a book review isn’t the first thing I’d like to do after spending time with my thesis.Volumes of books

If you are interested in what I’m reading, my Goodreads profile is always up to date. The only thing I usually don’t do when I’m planning on maybe someday reviewing a book, is rating it. But if you see something that I’ve read and would like my opinion on it you can always ask me. 🙂

Of the books that I’ve read since last summer, there were a few books that stood out:

What have you read and really enjoyed in the past months? I’m always looking for an awesome read!

Anyways, I hope you’re enjoying World Book Day in style today.
Have a great day! I will be back 😉

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

6 thoughts on “Happy World Book Day 2018

  1. Happy World Book Day to you too! ♥

    Thank you for your recommendations: I’m currently reading “The Muse” by Jessie Burton and I really really enjoy it. Maybe you’d like to visit the zoo together anytime soon?

    Have a great week! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Nana,
      Wooops sorry I forgot to answer your text. Sure! Zoo, or ice cream, or both 🙂
      The Muse is still on my TBR shelf. 🙂 So when we meet we could discuss how you liked it.
      Have a lovely week as well,


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