Review – Paddington Helps Out by Michael Bond

Hello everyone,

Today we’re having a look at a classic for children and those who are young at heart: Michael Bond‘s Paddington Helps Out. It is the second book in a series of 13, so you will most definitely see more of Paddington.

Paddington Helps Out
Image provided by HarperCollins Children’s Books¹
Synopsis quoted from HarperCollins Children’s Books¹:

“Oh dear,” said Paddington, as everyone turned to look at him accusingly. “I’m in trouble again.” Somehow trouble comes naturally to Paddington.

What other bear could upset the whole cinema by standing on his seat to boo the ‘bad guy’ in the cowboy film? Or drip ice-cream on the people down below? Or flood the launderette and saw Mr Curry’s kitchen into little pieces? Only Paddington! But when Paddington’s head is so full of ideas, some things are bound to go wrong!

My Thoughts:

Like A Bear Called Paddington, the first instalment in the Paddington series, Paddington Helps Out is set in London, UK. Again, Michael Bond takes us to familiar places like the Browns’ home, the market, or Mr Gruber’s fascinating shop. We are, however, also introduced to new locations like a fancy restaurant, or the launderette and, as always, we see them like Paddington, as utterly exciting and strange.

By now you should all be familiar with our main character Paddington. The young, charming and naive bear from the darkest Peru always means well and has a big heart. It is just wonderful to see the world through his eyes.

Like all the books in the series, Paddington Helps Out is divided into short stories that are connected to each other. The stories in this book are about Paddington trying to help out, but it wouldn’t be him if things would go as planned. Paddington Helps Out is a fun and entertaining read that teaches us that even a bad situation can turn into something good in the end.




6 thoughts on “Review – Paddington Helps Out by Michael Bond

  1. Oha… in your blog I have to train my English. I hope it’s fine – I only use it when I am travelling. 😉 Well… I think the Paddington Bear was also sometimes travelling. As I remember from my childhood, when I saw the bear on TV, he lived close to the station. Right?


    1. Sure, Paddinton had to travel all the way from the Darkest Peru to London. And then there’s a book that’s called Paddington Abroad. I bet he’ll be traveling in that one. It’s actually the next Paddinton book I’ll read. I just don’t know when I’m going to pick it up yet 🙂
      And as to your English: I think you’re doing good 🙂


      1. You actually don’t get to read much about Peru. At least not in the first three books. You can read all about them here:
        There’s a new slipcase edition, including the first 11 books, out now:
        And in November another book called Love From Paddington will be published:


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