Review – A Positive Experience Of Having Your Wisdom Tooth Removed


This week comes with a review of something completely different, something quite personal actually. But I had the feeling that I have to share this with you.

There are many wisdom teeth removal horror stories out there, so you can imagine that I wasn’t actually thrilled when I found out that I had to part with my one and only wisdom tooth. Questions like “Will it hurt?”, “Will I bleed to death?”, “Will I lose my neighboring tooth by accident?” and “Will I turn stupid?” were high on my radar.

I did do some research though, so I found out that teeth in the lower jaw are often harder to remove than teeth in the upper jaw. (Phew, my tooth was indeed in my upper jaw ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Another bonus, as I thought, was that my dentist probably wouldn’t have to cut because my tooth had already fully erupted years ago. And finally, it just had to go because I wasn’t able to clean it properly due to its position and not because it hurt.

So the big day finally came and my dentist gave me a local anesthetic (yup that injection). You feel three little pricks that really don’t hurt that much. It hurts more to bite your tongue! And then the region around my tooth got numb. My dentist took some pliers (or whatever that was ๐Ÿ˜€ ) and wiggled my tooth. I heard a faint cracking sound (like crisp bread). Now he took other pliers and pulled a bit and out it was. Wiggling and pulling didn’t even take two minutes. I didn’t feel a thing. As a final step, he stitched up the hole and I had to bite on a piece of gauze for 20 minutes (but I could do that while riding the bus home).

At home, I waited for the pain to come when the anesthetic stopped having effect. Well, the pain never came. No pain at all. All I did was put cold packs on my cheek for 20 minutes, with 20 minutes breaks, for 48 hours. I was able to chew after about 20 hours, so I ate solid food again (nothing too hard or crumbly!).

The last step I had to take, was to get my stitches removed. Well, this wasn’t bad either. I only noticed that my dentist cut the suture but I didn’t feel him pulling it out. So don’t be afraid. It’s not even comparable to gingivitis ๐Ÿ˜€

So why did I tell you all this? Because I think that someone needs to step up and say that getting your wisdom teeth removed doesn’t have to end in unbearable pain. I know it can, but not always!

What about you? Did you have a fairly good experience getting one of your wisdom teeth removed?

8 thoughts on “Review – A Positive Experience Of Having Your Wisdom Tooth Removed

  1. You have no idea how glad I was to come across your blog post! It’s not been confirmed but there is a very good chance I’ll have to get one of my wisdom teeth (thankfully a fully erupted upper one too!) out next week and I have been freaking out over the horror stories! I’ve had problems for months and the dentist’s don’t actually know specifically what’s causing it, just that the wisdom tooth overcrowding other teeth is a likely culprit. I’ve been putting it off but I think I just have to bite the bullet – pardon the pun and do it! What sort of things were you able to eat for the first day, if anything?


    1. Hi Jan,
      I’m glad if I can help.
      I felt hungry three hours after my tooth was pulled, so I had apple sauce (I bought loads to be on the save side). The next day I had some more applesauce (I think mixed with pear or something) for breakfast. At noon, I decided to have a very soft ham sandwich and chewed it slowly. No problems there ๐Ÿ™‚ And in the evening I had grilled fish and tomatoes for dinner. I even had a few gummy bears for dessert at the movie theater. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think fish works perfectly because you don’t have to chew it and it doesn’t really stick anywhere. I only had to watch out with things like bread (that sandwich) because it’s sticky and I didn’t want it to come near the wound. In the first days I just tried to chew on the right side and that worked out for me.
      I hope that everything will work out fine with your tooth. It’s erupted, so that’s a good thing ๐Ÿ™‚ Please feel free to ask if you have any more questions!


      1. Thanks! Fish does sound like it would be a good option and I definitely hope I’ll be eating gummy bears again soon too! I’ve had a bag of Haribo waiting since Christmas that I haven’t been able to eat ๐Ÿ™‚ There really needs to be more positive stories on wisdom teeth getting pulled out. I don’t know why people only want to scare others with their horror stories!


      2. Wow that’s a long time that you’ve been waiting to eat that bag of Haribo. You really have to get rid of that tooth! (And then keep it in a pretty box)
        I also have no idea why people are doing this – scaring everyone. I mean, can’t they keep that to themselves?


      3. It certainly has been a long time waiting to eat the Haribo! It’s been very annoying as they’re some of my favourite sweets! Hopefully I’ll recover quickly and be able to get stuck in! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish they would keep it to themselves – it’s just mean!


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