Meet Miss Treegarden

Hi everybody 🙂

I’ve got news for you. From now on, I won’t be writing on my own, because my good friend Miss Treegarden will join me here on All That Magic. We’ve been studying at the same university for five years now and Miss Treegarden shares my love for English and history, so she studies both like I do.

Miss Treegarden is new to blogging and she wants to see what it’s like. She’ll write reviews of books she read and other things she cares about. Today, Miss Treegarden will start with a travel review of New York City. She just returned from a holiday and wanted to share her impressions with you. If Miss Treegarden really loves blogging, she might even take the big step and write her own blog some day.

Until then, we’ll do the magic together 🙂 Welcome Miss Treegarden!

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