DIY Postcard – Summer, Sun, Far Off Places

Hello dear reader chum (okay I stole that from Miranda Hart),

As you all know, in June, I participated in a reading challenge. One of the tasks we had to do was to mail something to Karla of the Lovelybooks team that had to do with Summer, Sun and Far Off Places. We were instructed not to send valuable items (no bribes) and the item/s should fit into an envelope or similar.

So I decided to craft a postcard that had to do with the book the challenge was about. (At that point, I hadn’t even received the book)



This is the front of the card. The palm tree on the left is made of a map of Montevideo (the book is called Die Rosen von Montevideo). If you unroll the palm tree’s trunk, there is a message that tells you (in an elaborated way) that you should find out what secret the sun holds and that you will find out about wonders which only the sun is able to perform. It also tells you to let the wind blow through the bay, over to the other shore and that there, in the shade, you will find yet another message. 🙂

Well, as you can see, that palm tree is not the only interesting thing on that first page of my card. There is the sun. And it is supposed to hold a secret. Now you probably peeked while reading and found out what wonders the sun is able to perform. 🙂

I remember these changing pictures from a children’s book I had (and recently bought in a used book shop) and thought “I wanna try making one of those!”. And so I did. I found an easy tutorial on Extreme Cards and tried it. As you can see, it worked 🙂








Now on to the inside of my card. Here you can see the sea (with a few fish and a shell) and a map of Montevideo in the 19th century (we gotta stay true to the book haha). As I wrote in my little palm tree note, the reader now has to let the wind blow through the bay, and if they do so, the little pin wheel will turn (cute eh?).

Then we’ll travel on with the wind to the other shore (where it’s quite hot and sunny I’m afraid). But what’s that? A dotted umbrella that promises shade. And didn’t that note say something about shade too? Well let’s go over there. I’m hot!

Something seems to be loose on that umbrella. I’ll pull. Haaaa… Look there! A message!

Actually, the original message was a little different but this one is for you!

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