Movie – Monsters University – The Theory of Flight

Today, I’d like to show you two movie trailers. One new, one old. One for the fun-loving and one for the thinkers. Or if you like both (like me), go for it and enjoy both of them!

The first one is an animated movie. It’s Monsters University by Disney Pixar. I really enjoyed this movie. It has everything a good Disney Pixar movie needs. But also nothing particularly special.


The second movie is The Theory of Flight (1998) and it stars Helena Bonham Carter and Kenneth Branagh. This movie was truly heartbreaking and Ms. Bonham Carter’s performance was great. Still, the movie sometimes felt a little lengthy.

You can find a trailer here: (Embedding a decent quality video didn’t work out this time. Sorry folks)


5 thoughts on “Movie – Monsters University – The Theory of Flight

  1. Monster Uni – Loved the movie 😀 Coulding stop to giggle 😀
    Now I’m looking for “The Theory of Flight”. I’m a big Helena Bonham Carter Fan (No Tim Burton Movie without her!!) – how can it be I’ve never heard of this movie before???

    Thx for your recommendation 😀


    1. Yep Monster University was fun 🙂
      I hope you’ll be able to find The Theory of Flight. It was on the TV a few days ago. It’s different to the roles I’ve seen Helena B. C. in. Hope you like it.


  2. Sounds like a great movie, even not only for my kids ♥ the trailer looks quite funny, I remember the first movie about those cute little guys some years ago.

    My favourite movie in july is “Now you see me” with Morgan Freeman – awesome actor.

    Your blog is really cute and I hope, my english will be enough to read here 😉 I didn’t practiced it for a long time now.

    Greetings from the East of Germany
    Sandra ♥


    1. Yep it’s great fun and it’s definitely a movie for the whole family. In my opinion, animated movies aren’t kids exclusives anyway 😀
      I just watched the trailer of Now You See Me. It looks amazing. I think I gotta watch this movie!
      I’m sure your English will be good enough to understand what I write! I’ll try to keep things simple as I know that part of my readers aren’t native speakers of English. If you have problems understanding something, don’t be afraid to ask 🙂
      I’m happy you’re here and thanks for telling me that you think my blog is cute 🙂
      Have a wonderful (and hopefully sunny) evening!


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