Book Stack Cake

As I’ve already told you, I have made a Book Stack Cake for my grandpa’s 80th birthday last weekend.

It took me two days to make and I think it looked great for a first try. It also was my first time working with fondant and it was really fun. In the end, my auntie helped me do the decorating (she did most of the writing on the cake 🙂 )

Here it is:

grandpa cake

My grandpa has always been an admirer of Lenin and Marx, so I included these two books. And his first name is Hans, so the book on top is his book 🙂


To make the cakes, I followed these two tutorials:

Tutorial No. 1

Tutorial No. 2

I made three different cakes. Among them was an Earl Grey Tea Cake which was very, very yummy. You can find the recipe over at Visual Heart.

What I learned is:

  • Take your time – you’ll need it
  • Fondant tastes ugly – it’s way too sweet
  • Working with fondant is like working with modeling clay (childhood memories galore)
  • Only do this if you have strong nerves
  • Only do this for a person you really love 🙂


I’m glad I made this cake!